Hidden object scenes

I oversaw scene creation from concept, to 3D, to paint-over, and hiding items for the player to find.

Hidden object scenes


Hidden Shadows, Hidden Chronicles

August 2011 - January 2014

I was Art Lead in charge of scenes for these two hidden object Facebook games.

Responsibilities included:

  • Art direction for 4 in-house scene artists
  • Art direction for numerous outsourced vendors
  • Concept art
  • Mini-game art
  • Icons and viral art
  • Game design assistance
  • Documentation, knowledge transfer, and training

Concept art

Between leading the art on game projects I would create concept art for various game pitches.

Hidden object scenes

Griptonite Games

Various iPhone and Nintendo DS

February 2007 - April 2011

I was hired as an Artist and quickly promoted to Art Lead. The studio had one Art Director overseeing all the games in development, so a lot of responsibility fell on each Lead.

Responsibilities included:

  • Leading in-house teams from 0-7 artists
  • Art outsourcing
  • Developing art style and working with clients (publishers or other game developers)
  • Creating Art Design Docs and Style Guides
  • Keeping accurate art schedules and asset lists
  • Coordinating with Design, Programming, and Producers
  • Art asset creation in all areas including environment, character, menu, and interface art.

Personal art

Just for fun art and sketches.